Gotham has Batman. Metropolis has Superman. New York has Spiderman.

Who does Midwest POS have?


Also known as Scott Orvis, Alohaman is our longstanding Level 2 Help Desk member and Aloha/EMV guru.

Questions about NCR, Aloha, EMV, or anything else regarding restaurant tech? Scott’s your man – or rather, Alohaman.

Learn more about our resident superhero below….


Meet “Alohaman” – a.k.a. Midwest POS’s Scott Orvis!

1) How long have you been at Midwest POS? 

17½ years.

2) How long have you been involved in the POS and/or restaurant industry? Tell us a little more about your experience.

I started working on computers in the mid-90s.  I had moved to Montana and started working with a company that builds their own PCs and had several business and school contracts for their systems, plus Novell Networks.

They were just getting into Aloha, and they pretty much handed me all the new accounts to figure out how to make Aloha work for each and every customer.  I had been there about three months, but I had shown the aptitude to learn and thrive at something other than build PCs.

Somewhere in my first year doing Aloha, I was dubbed “Alohaman” – and it’s stuck ever since.

3) What are some fun facts people may not know about you?

I’ve become very fond of photography over the last couple of years.  It’s something my father and sister have been into forever, and I’m just now getting into it.

Also, I love collecting music.  I started collecting music back in the LP format along with 12″ dance mixes.  At some point in my travels, that went by the wayside, and now I’m digital music collector.

4) Why are you passionate about Midwest POS and your customers?

Our customers are our family.  We are here because of them, and most of them are here because of us.

I have become good friends with several of our customers over the years.  I think my most favorite customer was Fran Wiggington at Gerhardt’s in Terre Haute.  I believe she was a cancer survivor.  I met her one Saturday when I had to go down onsite to replace a down piece of hardware.

Fran was just this fireball.  She ran around most people on staff that day, and she was always just honest and pure when you spoke to her on the phone.  It got to the point that when someone would walk into the service bay and I was on the phone with Fran, they knew by how I was talking to her and treating her.  I was told my voice was an octave higher when Fran was on the phone.

5) What are some things about Midwest POS and your solutions and services that most people may not know?

Got EMV?  Give us a buzz, and we will get you set up with one of our three awesome available solutions.  I’ve been the point person for all three at this point, and they are all easy on the budget and very easy on training the staff.

Got a problem that won’t go away?  It will soon end up in the hands of Alohaman!  I will fight tooth and nail to get the system to cooperate, or I will fight NCR to make your issue a priority and hopefully get it fixed in the next release cycle.

6) What are your thoughts on current trends in the restaurant industry, and where do you see the future going?

The future in the POS industry is wide open at the moment.  It’s really going to be who can come out swinging with the better feature set at the best price on restaurant-preferred hardware.  Customers always want the newest tech gadgets in their locations.

We have lots of things in store for our customers in the near future, so they should keep an eye out for us!


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