Learn more about Midwest POS Sales Manager Adam Cosby and why he’s passionate about Midwest POS by checking out these fun facts in today’s interview post.


1) How long have you been helping local restaurants grow and thrive as a member of the Midwest POS team?

Seven and a half years.

2) What did you do before you joined the Midwest POS team?

My background comes in outside sales and the golf business. I was an assistant golf professional at Delaware Country Club in Muncie, Indiana.

3) What are some fun facts people may not know about you?

I am not sure if I consider this a fun fact that I am left-handed, but I do quite a few things with my right hand as well. For instance, I write, throw, and shoot with my left hand. But I hit a baseball or golf ball right-handed.

4) What region do you cover?

As the sales manager, I am responsible for working with all six of our account managers between Indiana and Kentucky. Previously, I was an account manager and covered the Central Indiana region.

5) Why are you passionate about Midwest POS and your customers?

I enjoy being out in the field, meeting new prospects and customers. I love learning what their story is and what drives them to grow their business, whether it’s a restaurant or retail shop.

We at Midwest POS are a truly tight-knit group, and we all care deeply about our customers and our fellow coworkers.

Working at Midwest POS provides a fun and caring work environment where no matter what your job is, you are an integral part of the success of the company.

6) What are some things about Midwest POS, your solutions, and your services that most people may not know?

I think that some people may not realize that we don’t just sell POS systems.

You may not know that:

  • We also sell paper supplies.
  • We can provide wiring.
  • We have many third-party solutions that we can provide.
  • We have relationships in the credit card processing industry that can potentially help our customers.
  • We have many employees within our four walls that have a plethora of knowledge about running restaurants.

7) What are your thoughts on current trends in the restaurant industry, and where do you see the future going?

I think the current trends are heavily focused on the SaaS business model with software and services, as well as hardware. This is only going to continue to grow as time goes on, and the days where most of our customers outright owned their technology is going to the wayside.

I would add that mobility of the POS solutions is a growing segment of the business as well.

All of these things are ones that Midwest POS will be focused on and continue to grow with as the market changes.


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