Jeremy Minniear, the account manager of northern Indiana, loves helping his customers, restaurant technology, and the Indianapolis 500.

Meet this key member of the Midwest POS support team in today’s post and see why he’s passionate about what he does (and sports!).

1) How long have you been at Midwest POS?

I started at Midwest POS in January 2014.

2) How long have you been involved in the POS and/or restaurant industry? Tell us a little more about your experience.

While in college at Central Michigan University (FIRE UP CHIPS!), I interned over a summer with the local Aloha dealer in the Detroit Metro area.  While my immediate post-college career took me away from the POS and restaurant Industry, I still gained valuable sales and professional skills that I use today.

After coming to Midwest POS four years ago, I got back into a sales position originally.  After about a year and a half, I decided to take a different role, and challenge, on the installation team as a project leader.  This provided me with a wealth of technical knowledge that you cannot gain elsewhere. I was also able to see, firsthand, the process of onboarding a new customer. Upon returning to a sales role, I was able to use my newly gained “techy side” to help customers in a way I never had before!

3) What are some fun facts people may not know about you?

This is not at all a secret, but I am a total sports fanatic.  My wife can attest that if I had it my way, I would only want to talk about the Colts, Pacers, Red Wings, Tigers, and auto racing.  My year revolves around the Indianapolis 500.  This year’s “500” will be my 20th overall and 19th straight!  I could talk for days about the race, but I will spare you all the pain!

4) What region do you cover?

I live in South Bend and cover most of Northern Indiana.  From “Da Region,” along the coast of Lake Michigan, through Amish and lake country, and all the way to the Ohio border, you can be sure to find me somewhere along the way!

5) Why are you passionate about Midwest POS and your customers?

I love helping others find a solution to an issue.  I can always feel safe in the service and personal care they will receive through Midwest POS.  Not only do we supply some of the top POS solutions in the industry, but we are backed by some of the best employees around!

6) What are some things about Midwest POS and your solutions and services that most people may not know?

Midwest POS is a family that truly cares about its customers and employees!  Unlike some other companies out there, there is very low employee turnover here.  Our customers tend to build relationships with us that last a long time.  Also, our leadership is always looking for new solutions and technology to have available.  Our portfolio is ever-expanding, so always be sure to ask me, “What’s new??”

7) What are your thoughts on current trends in the restaurant industry, and where do you see the future going?

Restaurateurs are realizing that staying in touch with their customers is becoming a key to growing business.  There are now so many different choices out there, and it is important to keep a base always wanting more! In today’s social media-dominated world, it is becoming easier to do this; but how can you break through the clutter?  That question is ever-changing and staying on top of that can be difficult if you do not know your current customer base.

Also, restaurant patrons are beginning to evaluate how technology is utilized in their dining experience.  You can see this in the increasing use of handheld order and pay-at-the-table devices, ordering kiosks, mobile device payment, Wi-Fi availability, etc.

Technology and the restaurant Industry are constantly evolving, so if you ever have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.  I am very happy to always serve you!  Cheers!

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