Very soon, signing receipts for card purchases will be a thing of the past.

Starting this month, several major credit card companies are no longer requiring consumers to sign debit or credit card receipts.

Here’s a brief overview of what these changes will look like and how these will affect you from a recent article by Mike Snider in USA TODAY.


1) Most Canadian and American business owners will be able to decide if they want consumers to sign credit card receipts or not.

As a restaurant or store owner, you now have the power to determine if you want credit or debit card payments to include signed receipts. Some businesses prefer signed receipts; others don’t.

Whatever option will be best for you and your customers, you can choose what payment experience your customers will have.

(A quick note: this doesn’t mean all business owners; it depends on the major credit card company and if they have signed on for this exemption.)


2) Only four major credit card companies are eliminating the requirement of having to sign receipts for card payments – for now.

Mastercard, Discover, Visa, and American Express are paving the way for this payment change, but it’s possible that other credit card companies may soon follow suit.


3) Signatures aren’t the only way to fight fraud anymore, so they’re not as necessary as they once were.

Printed receipts with customers’ signatures were once one of the main ways to combat fraud, but that isn’t the case anymore. From EMV to point-to-point encryption (P2PE), we now have more advanced options to fight credit and debit card fraud.

As American Express Executive Vice President Jaromir Divilek stated in a recent article: “The payments landscape has evolved to the point where we can now eliminate this pain point for our merchants…. Our fraud capabilities have advanced so that signatures are no longer necessary to fight fraud.”


4) Not all industries will jump on the bandwagon and choose to eliminate signed receipts for credit and debit card purchases.

Obviously, reducing the checkout time is especially important in certain industries (read: retail), so it won’t be surprising to see many retailers elect to opt out of having their shoppers sign receipts for card purchases.

But this may not be the case for restaurant owners. Many restaurant owners prefer to have their guests sign receipts for card payments so that they’re more likely to include tips. What’s helpful here is that they will have the choice to implement this or not.


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