Summer’s almost over, and school’s in session across the U.S.

But school isn’t just for students anymore.

In fact, providing employee training opportunities to your restaurant staff can offer numerous benefits to your business.

Curious to know how?

Here are the top three reasons to provide employee training to your restaurant staff.


1) You can show that you care about and value your employees.

Providing employee training opportunities to your staff shows them that you are invested in them – that you don’t just view them as workers or names on a schedule.

This demonstrates that you care about them and their wellbeing and want them to grow both personally and professionally.

If an employee feels that their manager cares about them, they’ll feel more loyal about where the work. Moreover, they’ll actually want to come to work.

You’ll build a supportive environment and culture where your staff feels that they matter.


2) Your employees can develop a sense of ownership and take pride in their jobs.

Think back to a job you hated. What stood out about it? Did you feel like you were just going through the motions and not doing anything meaningful? Did you feel as if you didn’t have the opportunity to develop a sense of ownership?

Run your restaurant differently. Offering employee training can help your staff have more pride in their work, develop confidence, and take charge instead of waiting for someone to tell them what to do. They will learn key skills and develop capabilities that will help them to do better in their roles (and future roles).


3) You can boost your staff’s overall morale.

By offering training, you’ve already shown your employees that you care about them and that you value them. Your employees are taking more pride in their work and have developed a sense of ownership. So… now what?

The culture of your restaurant will shift, perhaps subtly, but one day, you’ll find that your staff’s morale has gone up. If it was pretty high to begin with, it will only get better. Your employees will be more enthusiastic in their jobs. Their self-confidence will be higher. The team spirit will be infectious.

In the end, then, it will be a win-win situation for all.


By the Way…

Because we believe in the value of lifelong learning and ongoing training for our customers and their employees, Midwest POS offers free training sessions for all current Aloha (maintenance) customers.

These sessions are not just for restaurant owners, but for as many staff as they want. And it’s online, so you and your team can learn anywhere you want at your own convenience.

We have a few sessions coming up this month over the next few months:

  • 10/2/18
  • 10/16/18
  • 10/30/18
  • 11/13/18
  • 11/27/18
  • 12/11/18

Want to attend, or have further questions? Learn more here!