Hospitality technology has changed rapidly in the past few years. With new solutions like pay-at-the-table technology and EMV-enabled hardware, there are more options available in the market now, more than ever before.

As a restaurant owner, it can be hard to decide whom to work with when you’re evaluating point-of-sale technology for your business, especially when there are so many different contenders out there.

But even though technology has changed, the value of working with a local technology solutions provider has not.

In fact, as our world gets more corporate and impersonal, partnering with an experienced, consultative local group is even more important.

But when it comes down to it, what does it actually look like to partner with a local technology solutions provider like Midwest POS?

See for yourself in today’s post!

The Opposite of One-Size-Fits-All

Every restaurant is unique. Some businesses benefit from handheld solutions like TableSafe; others prefer to have fixed POS terminals like Aloha.

You need to have the right technology for your restaurant that makes it run more efficiently, is scaled for future growth, and gives your customers a better restaurant experience.

That is one of the benefits of working with a local technology solutions provider. When you partner with Midwest POS, we will meet in person and consult with you so that you find the right solution(s) from the start.

“When we decided to switch POS providers, we reached out to Midwest POS and had a meeting with the sales manager,” said Spencer Wood, the office manager at FoxGardin Kitchen & Ale (Fortville, Indiana), a Midwest customer. “He was able to get us some insight about what we needed to do moving forward, what changes needed to be made, how those could be implemented, and what we would do from then on. So, it was a pretty easy transition.”

As a restaurant manager, you can expect this consultative approach from your first contact; we’re the opposite of one-size-fits-all.

We will understand the needs of your restaurant to select the right POS platforms for your business, along with other solutions you may need; from gift card and loyalty programs like Netmasons’ WebGCStore to security services, wireless networking and infrastructure, inventory packages, and digital surveillance systems.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name (And is Just a Quick Call Away)

Remember Cheers? Everyone who gathered in Sam Malone’s bar knew him, and he knew them. And everyone knew each other.

That’s the kind of relationships local technology solutions providers like Midwest POS establish with their customers. If you’re a restaurant owner, you’ll know whichever service team member or account manager you’re speaking with any time you call or email.

“The first-name basis with someone who runs that system or can help me get through a busy night is what’s really beneficial for me,” said Dave Andrus, the owner of Midwest POS customer Pure Eatery.

“From the support staff that we rely on as a business to speak with 24/7 on a daily basis to the sales associates to the managers to the install crews, I’ve been able to develop relationships with all these individuals as we’ve grown,” he continued.

We’re always just a phone call away (or eating in your restaurant!) and will resolve any potential issues immediately.

“The best thing about working with Midwest POS is that I can get a person so easily on the phone,” Wood added. “I can call and say, ‘Hey, I need this,’ and I know exactly who I’m going to talk to when I call that number or who is going to help me out.”

“We’ve really been able to develop relationships,” she explained. “That’s something that we really value. We know the people that work with Midwest POS. We see them in here. They come in to eat here at FoxGardin and eat with their families. We’ve gotten to know them not just on a business level, but on a personal level.”

You Can Get Supplies Where & When You Need Them

Need supplies for your printers or restaurant hardware? No worries; all you need to do is call Midwest POS. As a local technology solutions provider, we can ensure that you’ll get them quickly and easily.

“Something I appreciate is that I can get a person on the phone very quickly,” Wood explained. “Anything that we order as far as products or supplies, they’re almost always here the next day, or the second day I get a call saying when it’s going to be ordered or shipped. There’s always a follow-up call.”

Feature-Rich POS Systems with Integrated Options

Another benefit of working with a company like Midwest POS is that you can count on the fact that you will be able to choose the right POS system that is feature-rich, intuitive, and can integrate additional hardware, software, and apps based on the future needs of your business.

“As we’ve grown, Midwest and their partnership with NCR has been nice because they’ve got other platforms that integrate with the system and allow us to do a whole lot more on the backside with accounting, running labor reports, cost of sales, and product mixes,” Andrus said.

“As we added more and more stores, we started to integrate other software items like Pulse where we can track our labor items and our sales live, and I don’t have to be on-site to do it,” he continued. “That’s huge.”