Chances are, if you’re from Indiana and you love steak, you’ve heard of Eddie Merlot’s Prime Aged Beef and Seafood.

Eddie Merlot’s is one of America’s great steak houses. Ever since their flagship restaurant opened in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Eddie Merlot’s has quickly grown in popularity because of their quality, exceptional service, and unparalleled atmosphere.

Today, Eddie Merlot’s has award-winning locations across the country in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, in addition to their original Indiana locations.

Eddie Merlot’s and Midwest POS: A Successful Partnership for 15+ Years

Eddie Merlot’s has been working with Midwest POS for over 15 years for all of their restaurant technology and service needs.

Throughout this long-term partnership, Midwest POS has been with Eddie Merlot’s for every step of the way as they’ve grown and opened new restaurants across the U.S.

Learn more about this long-term partnership, why Eddie Merlot’s has enjoyed working with Midwest POS, and how this partnership has flourished in this interview with Bill Vezeau, the director of business at Eddie Merlot’s.

An Interview with Bill Vezeau from Eddie Merlot’s

Bill Vezeau from Eddie Merlot’s

Question: What has your relationship with Midwest POS looked like throughout the years?

Answer:  One of the things Midwest has done well is travel with us as we’ve expanded across the country. Our best experience with Midwest has come through the opening of our restaurants and the ease that Midwest has helped us with each opening.

We can basically ignore our POS system. They know exactly what we need and exactly what we want, and they show up on the day that we need them. That aspect of their business is something they take extremely seriously and have done exceptionally well.


Question: What have you enjoyed most about working with Midwest POS?

Answer: There’s one main reason why I would recommend Midwest to other restaurant companies: the stability of the company. When I call Midwest POS for a support item, they know my name; they know who I am, they know what I do, and they know everything about our restaurant because they’ve been there with us as partners for 15 years.

Question: What advantages have you seen from working with a local company like Midwest POS?

Answer: One advantage of working with a local company is that it gives me the opportunity to stop by their facility when I’m in the area.

It goes back to Murray, Dave, Adam, Jeremy, and all of the different employees at Midwest POS. I’ve come to know them over the years; I’m on a first-name basis with them.

Question: What is your vision for your restaurants from a technology standpoint? What led you to look into tableside ordering options, and how has Midwest POS been helping you?

Answer: Well, from a technology standpoint, we are about to begin a trial with NCR Aloha for a tableside ordering app. Midwest POS is overseeing this trial for us. In addition to tableside ordering, we are also trying to accomplish a multistep technology advancement: pay-at-the table, order-at-the-table, EMV, and PCI compliance all in one stop.

The new devices that Aloha is implementing give us that ability to ensure our guests’ comfort with the security of our credit card processing.

From an order-at-the-table perspective, fine dining is not typically where you would see that. But we will be evolving this process to ensure that our guests are comfortable and that the technology isn’t obtrusive. It will allow our servers to place cocktail orders, and bartenders will be making cocktails while the servers are standing at the table. It’s the same thing with appetizers.

This is where we typically see a delay. But now the time frame is instantaneous, so we can give a better experience and turn tables quicker.

Question: Tell us one major way that working with Midwest POS has helped your restaurant operations.

Answer: With Aloha and Midwest, we have been given the opportunity to take control away from the local restaurants, which is helpful for restaurant chains like Eddie Merlot’s. I can program changes from my laptop in my home office. The individual restaurants don’t have that functionality anymore, so they don’t have the ability to program prices incorrectly or make mistakes.

By using a centralized database for each of our restaurants, we have been allowed to reduce and/or eliminate the mistakes done by restaurant managers.


By working with Midwest POS for the past 15 years, Eddie Merlot’s has had the stable, reliable, and knowledgeable partner they’ve needed to implement new changes and open new restaurants in different states without a hitch.

And as they continue to grow, expand and refine their menu, and pursue new technologies to enhance their restaurants, Eddie Merlot’s has everything they need through their work with Midwest POS.