Summer. The days are long, the air is warm, and all around, nature is exploding with color. Meanwhile, here at Midwest POS Solutions, we are thinking about holiday gift cards!

That’s right: Now is the perfect time to plan your holiday gift card strategy.

Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s too early to make holiday decisions.

Those that procrastinate find themselves experiencing the stress of long waits for card and presenter delivery, last-minute promotion decisions that may not pay off, and no time to implement the perfect gift card program for their business.

Don’t miss out; start planning today!

Let’s consider some of the key factors that ensure an awesome gift card season.


Will you be offering incentives to drive gift card sales? Maybe offering bonus dollars with a specific purchase? These plans are very popular and productive.

Only 80% of gift card value is redeemed on average. This means that this type of offer can be a real win by driving sales with no true additional costs.

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Card Types

Plastic cards are the standard in the industry and offer a great amount of value. They are reloadable, trackable, easy to use, and offer an opportunity to market your brand. Selling these cards in a nice fold-over presenter provides a complete package and offers even more marketing space.

Virtual gift cards offer you the ability to sell cards from your website, and guests can send them to friends and family electronically.

These cards allow you to sell to anyone with an email address, regardless of location, greatly increasing your target audience without the cost of purchasing physical cards.

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Midwest POS Holiday Gift Card Solutions

Midwest POS Solutions has gift card solutions for our best-of-breed point-of-sale solutions including:

Aloha – Netmasons 

Aloha customers can now inject the power of Netmasons into their business. Providing a full range of virtual gift card, loyalty options and more, Netmasons is a true one-stop ecommerce solution. They can even fulfill your physical gift card orders!

Contact us today at to learn more about taking your gift card sales to the next level.

If you are interested in learning more about Netmasons or how we can help you develop your gift card strategy this year, please contact us to place your gift card order today!

Paper Certificates

There are too many quality and affordable gift card solutions to continue using paper gift certificates. Ready to upgrade to a platform that provides real-time asset tracking, bulk loading, electronic card verification and more?

Contact Midwest POS Solutions at today to find out how we can help you find the perfect gift card solution for your business.