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The Top 3 Reasons to Provide Employee Training to Your Restaurant Staff

Summer’s almost over, and school’s in session across the U.S. But school isn’t just for students anymore. In fact, providing employee training opportunities to your restaurant staff can offer numerous benefits to your business. Curious to know how? Here are the top three reasons to provide employee training to your restaurant staff.   1) You [...]

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8 Tips to Brew the Perfect IPA [Infographic]

Of all the different styles of craft beers in the U.S., India pale ale (IPA) continues to dominate the charts as one of (if not the) most preferred styles out there. To achieve a brew that will entice even the loudest of naysayers out there, you need a perfect balance: the right hops, the right [...]

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Increase Your Gift Card Sales This Holiday Season with One of Midwest’s Newest Solutions!

Get ready: the 2018 holiday season is almost here. As many restaurant and retail company owners have found, sales skyrocket during the holiday season. But not just in-store or online sales; the holiday season is also gift card season for our industry. Consider these stats: Holiday shoppers spend more than $31 billion on gift cards [...]

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The Burrito of Burritos [Infographic]

Picture it. The perfect tortilla, made from scratch. Marinated beef. Refried beans. Wrap them all together, and what do you have? The burrito: America’s favorite stuffed taco. We’ve all had burritos before, but have you ever wondered where the burrito came from in the first place? Or what are the different varieties of burritos are [...]

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Video: Why NCR Aloha (and Midwest POS!) Had Just What Pure Eatery Needed as They Grew

If you own a growing restaurant business, what are some of the things you look for in a technology partner? Something affordable, most likely. A point-of-sale system that doesn’t require a huge amount of capital to purchase upfront. A system that’s easy for you and your employees. Intuitive. Customizable. And perhaps other integrated platforms? Like [...]

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Say Goodbye to Signatures: Why You No Longer Have to Sign Credit Card Receipts

Very soon, signing receipts for card purchases will be a thing of the past. Starting this month, several major credit card companies are no longer requiring consumers to sign debit or credit card receipts. Here’s a brief overview of what these changes will look like and how these will affect you from a recent article [...]

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How to Use Restaurant Technology to Give Your Guests a Great Customer Experience

“A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself.”  ― David J. Greer, Wind In Your Sails In any industry, the experiences your customers have are extremely important – but perhaps in no industry is this as important as the restaurant industry. The good news is [...]

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How to Run Your Own Restaurant: No B.S. Advice from 3 Restaurant Managers

Ever dream of running your own restaurant? If so, you’re not the only one – and now’s the time to do it! Today’s restaurant goers prefer independent restaurants to restaurant chains, and the number of independent restaurants is growing every day. There’s no doubt about it: running your own restaurant can have many perks. But [...]

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Watch FoxGardin Kitchen & Ale Talk About their Work with Midwest POS! [Video]

Located in downtown Fortville, Indiana, FoxGardin Kitchen & Ale serves up an upscale city feel with a local, casual twist. Whether you’re looking for juicy steakhouse-style tenderloin, delicious jalapeno bacon beer cheese soup, or mouth-watering Vietnamese-style banh mi, FoxGardin is the place to be if you want the perfect small-town place to eat, drink, and [...]

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Meet Jeremy Minniear, Account Manager of Northern Indiana – and the Biggest Sports Fanatic You’ll Ever Meet

Jeremy Minniear, the account manager of northern Indiana, loves helping his customers, restaurant technology, and the Indianapolis 500. Meet this key member of the Midwest POS support team in today’s post and see why he’s passionate about what he does (and sports!). 1) How long have you been at Midwest POS? I started at Midwest [...]

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