Bundled Service Solutions

The Service Solutions You Need for Your Restaurant.

Profitability, security and peace of mind come from choosing the best technology solutions.

Midwest POS Solutions, local trusted advisors for over 70 years, are experts in sourcing and matching the best solutions to your business. With Bundled Services Solutions, Midwest POS is making the decision process for some of the most essential solutions easier than ever.

Midwest Service Bundles

Choose One Service Solution

Low price of $20-30 per month.

Choose Two Service Solutions

Low price of $30/45 per month.

A savings of $60 per year!

Choose All Three Service Solutions

Unbelievably low price of $60 per month.

A savings of $120 per year!

Midwest Cloud Backup

  • Ensures critical POS data is always there when you need it
  • Backs up your POS and important users in to the cloud automatically
  • Protects your restaurant from catastrophic events, system corruption & ransomware

Midwest Remote Access

  • Access your back-office server to make changes, review reports, verify payroll & more with an internet connection
  • Safe, secure & compliant
  • Features dual authentication
  • Customizable levels for managers including multiunit access & single-unit access
  • Easily add new users and remove access wherever needed

Midwest Cellular Failover

  • Protects you from lost revenue, service complaints & stalled cashflows
  • Features constants internet monitoring & automatic reroutes of payment processing data to an always-on cellular backup connection when an internet loss is detected
  • Ensures that your payments keep flowing when the internet lets you down

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