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Meet Chuck Carlson, Midwest POS Help Desk Support Technician

Chances are, if you’ve ever called Midwest POS’s help desk support line, you’ve spoken with Chuck Carlson. A help desk support technician, Chuck has been with the Midwest POS team for over 20 years now and is one of our most recognized and popular employees (if even just by voice alone!). One of the most [...]

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President’s Message: The Importance of a Local, Trusted Advisor in a World of Innumerable Choices

For today’s article, I wanted to touch upon something that’s been on my mind a lot lately: choices. In our increasingly globalized world, we’re constantly presented with many different choices, from where to buy food to which streaming service to use. In some ways, this is a very good thing. As consumers, we now have [...]

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Meet Jeremy Minniear, Account Manager of Northern Indiana – and the Biggest Sports Fanatic You’ll Ever Meet

Jeremy Minniear, the account manager of northern Indiana, loves helping his customers, restaurant technology, and the Indianapolis 500. Meet this key member of the Midwest POS support team in today’s post and see why he’s passionate about what he does (and sports!). 1) How long have you been at Midwest POS? I started at Midwest [...]

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A Few Fun Facts About Adam Cosby, Midwest POS Sales Manager & Former Golf Pro

Learn more about Midwest POS Sales Manager Adam Cosby and why he’s passionate about Midwest POS by checking out these fun facts in today’s interview post.   1) How long have you been helping local restaurants grow and thrive as a member of the Midwest POS team? Seven and a half years. 2) What did [...]

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Meet Our Resident Superhero, “Alohaman” – a.k.a. Midwest POS’s Scott Orvis!

Gotham has Batman. Metropolis has Superman. New York has Spiderman. Who does Midwest POS have? Alohaman! Also known as Scott Orvis, Alohaman is our longstanding Level 2 Help Desk member and Aloha/EMV guru. Questions about NCR, Aloha, EMV, or anything else regarding restaurant tech? Scott’s your man – or rather, Alohaman. Learn more about our [...]

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Meet Midwest POS Support Supervisor Jess Bowman!

Today, we interviewed another integral member of the Midwest POS team: Jess Bowman, our support supervisor. Check out her interview to learn: How she transitioned from working in restaurants to supporting them at Midwest POS Why she is passionate about her customers How tabletop devices will change the restaurant industry for the better!     [...]

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Meet Midwest POS Service Manager Dave Osborne – and Learn Why He’s Passionate About Training, Systems & the Grateful Dead

Do you know the team behind the scenes at Midwest POS? For today’s blog post, we interviewed Dave Osborne, our service manager. Scroll below to learn: Why he’s passionate about Midwest POS, training, systems – and the Grateful Dead About his extensive experience in the restaurant industry Some things about Midwest POS that you may [...]

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