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Why January 14, 2020, is Important for Your Business

January. The last of the holiday parties are winding down, gift card redemptions are driving sales, and you finally get some much-needed rest before starting the Valentine’s Day planning. But 2020 will add a new wrinkle to your priority list. On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer update or provide support for Windows 7. [...]

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Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Plan Your Holiday Gift Card Strategy

Summer. The days are long, the air is warm, and all around, nature is exploding with color. Meanwhile, here at Midwest POS Solutions, we are thinking about holiday gift cards! That’s right: Now is the perfect time to plan your holiday gift card strategy. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s too early to make holiday [...]

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The Top 3 Metrics Every Restaurant Owner Should Track

How do you know how your restaurant business is actually doing? Though there isn’t one magic calculation out there that can you tell you whether or not your business is in the red, there are a few key performance indicators (KPIs), or metrics, that you can track that will give you a better picture on [...]

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The True Cost of Credit Card Processing

As a restaurant owner, credit card processing is something you can’t ignore. Consider the following facts: Across the board, most consumers prefer to use debit cards and credit cards over cash – and this trend is only growing. TSYS found in a 2017 survey of 1,000 consumers that 44% preferred debit cards and that 33% [...]

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What’s it Like to Work with a Local Technology Solutions Provider?

Hospitality technology has changed rapidly in the past few years. With new solutions like pay-at-the-table technology and EMV-enabled hardware, there are more options available in the market now, more than ever before. As a restaurant owner, it can be hard to decide whom to work with when you’re evaluating point-of-sale technology for your business, especially [...]

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The Top 3 Reasons to Provide Employee Training to Your Restaurant Staff

Summer’s almost over, and school’s in session across the U.S. But school isn’t just for students anymore. In fact, providing employee training opportunities to your restaurant staff can offer numerous benefits to your business. Curious to know how? Here are the top three reasons to provide employee training to your restaurant staff.   1) You [...]

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8 Tips to Brew the Perfect IPA [Infographic]

Of all the different styles of craft beers in the U.S., India pale ale (IPA) continues to dominate the charts as one of (if not the) most preferred styles out there. To achieve a brew that will entice even the loudest of naysayers out there, you need a perfect balance: the right hops, the right [...]

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How to Run Your Own Restaurant: No B.S. Advice from 3 Restaurant Managers

Ever dream of running your own restaurant? If so, you’re not the only one – and now’s the time to do it! Today’s restaurant goers prefer independent restaurants to restaurant chains, and the number of independent restaurants is growing every day. There’s no doubt about it: running your own restaurant can have many perks. But [...]

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