Midwest POS Cellular Failover

The Solution that Keeps Your Cash Flowing When the Internet Lets You Down

Midwest POS Cellular Failover

Only $30 per month

When the internet is down, accepting credit card payments becomes dangerous business. From senseless declines, lost revenue, customer comps, lost productivity spent rekeying cards, and the sudden loss of cash flow, losing your internet has real world impacts on your business.

But with Midwest’s POS Basic Cellular Failover solution, you don’t have to worry anymore.

We keep your cash flowing when the internet lets you down.


  • Ensures normal operations when the internet goes down
  • Reduces comps and increases guest satisfaction
  • Features LTE technology and speeds
  • Constant monitoring
  • Auto reroutes when the internet goes down and again restored (no wasted data)
  • No staff intervention required
  • A dedicated local support staff
  • Peace of mind

Contact us today to learn more about the Midwest POS Cellular Failover and never worry about the internet again.