President’s Message: The Importance of a Local, Trusted Advisor in a World of Innumerable Choices

For today’s article, I wanted to touch upon something that’s been on my mind a lot lately: choices. In our increasingly globalized world, we’re constantly presented with many different choices, from where to buy food [...]

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Customer Spotlight: An Interview with Bill Vezeau from Eddie Merlot’s

Chances are, if you’re from Indiana and you love steak, you’ve heard of Eddie Merlot’s Prime Aged Beef and Seafood. Eddie Merlot’s is one of America’s great steak houses. Ever since their flagship restaurant opened [...]

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The True Cost of Credit Card Processing

As a restaurant owner, credit card processing is something you can’t ignore. Consider the following facts: Across the board, most consumers prefer to use debit cards and credit cards over cash – and this trend [...]

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30 Surprising Facts about Coffee, America’s Favorite Caffeinated Beverage [Infographic]

Ahhh, coffee. Whether you’re picking up your favorite latte in a drive-thru or having a fancy cappuccino at a local café on a cold fall afternoon, it’s hard to imagine life without America’s favorite caffeinated [...]

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What’s it Like to Work with a Local Technology Solutions Provider?

Hospitality technology has changed rapidly in the past few years. With new solutions like pay-at-the-table technology and EMV-enabled hardware, there are more options available in the market now, more than ever before. As a restaurant [...]

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