Appearances are Deceptive

The story of a payment processor disguised
as a point-of-sale system.


Once upon a time, a wolf payment processor decided to disguise his appearance in order to secure more food restaurants.


Encased in the skin of a sheep point-of-sale, he deceived the flock restaurant industry with his costume.


And leading a lamb restaurant owners astray, he soon made a meal a ton of money through credit card processing fees off them.

And by the time the restaurant owners realized this, it was too late.

OK, we're just going to come right out and say it.

Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Toast

  1. Forced to use their credit card processing and subject to rate increases at any time.
  2. Locked into a long-term contract with hefty early termination fees.
  3. No local support.
  4. Highly dependent on full-time, high-quality internet connection for full system functionality.
  5. POS and processing can be shut off at any time.
Wolf head

Don't be fooled by the wolf.

Be informed - get the lowdown on Midwest POS vs. Toast.

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