NCR Connected Payments

A fully secure payment route.

Enhanced Control Over Payments,

with Reduced Liability

NCR Connected Payments

Ensuring complete data and transmission protection, from PIN pad to payment processor.

As electric transactions become increasingly more commonplace, so do fraud and data security breaches, exposing merchants to liability risks. NCR Connected Payments is the answer to these mounting challenges.

Connected Payments is implemented as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution

This allows restaurants to easily comply with payment regulations, such as PCI and EMV, and helps them to prepare for a future of innovative payment options that improve the shopper experience without a large upfront software investment.

NCR Connected Payments allows you to:

  • Easily comply with PCI and other regulatory requirements via complete data security
  • Prepare your payment systems for EMV cards effortlessly
  • Reduce fraud-related liability
  • Embrace new payment types quickly and easily
  • Prepare for the future shopper
  • Enjoy uncompromising security with a cost-efficient cloud delivery model

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