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Midwest POS Solutions, Inc. provides POS solutions for retail, restaurants, businesses and more. Whether you are a beginner, mid-size, or enterprise business, we have the best POS systems for you.

EMV for Restaurants

EMV for Restaurants

By partnering with your local EMV experts, you can choose the right EMV technology for your restaurant, get set up easily and hassle-free, and offer your customers the best payment experience around.

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POS Software

MobileBytes iPad POS for Restaurants

MobileBytes iPad POS creates a feature-rich POS system for today’s restaurants by leveraging the power, convenience, and simplicity of the iPad.

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NCR Connected Payments

Evolve to the EMV challenge. NCR Connected Payments is a completely secure payment solution delivering uncompromising data protection and future innovation readiness.

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NCR Aloha POS Sytem

NCR Aloha

NCR Aloha POS is ideal for quick service, fast casual, casual dining and fine dining restaurants and can be used on fixed POS terminals, built-for- purpose handheld devices and consumer mobile devices.

NCR Silver Pro POS System

NCR Silver Pro

NCR Silver Pro is a cloud-based POS solution that will help you manage and grow your business. Designed to run on the iPad and the iPad Mini, NCR Silver Pro can help you become more efficient, grow your sales and increase your profitability.

NCR CounterPoint POS System


NCR Counterpoint easily handle sales, returns, orders, and layaways – even on a single ticket – using our configurable touch screen interface. Customize your point-of- sale to fit your business, streamlining operations, minimizing errors and maximizing profits.

NCR Mobile Ordering POS System

NCR’s Mobile Ordering

NCR’s Mobile and Online Ordering solution makes it simple to get the food they love without the wait.

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NCR Online Ordering POS System

NCR’s Online Ordering

NCR Aloha Online Ordering helps drive incremental sales to your business by making it easy and convenient for your customers to do business with you.

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POS System Network Security

Network & Security Services

Our Network And Security Services enable unbeatable levels of service and security for your site systems.

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Payment Card Industry (PCI)

Payment Card Industry (PCI)

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) has introduced a new worldwide Data Security Standard (DSS) to protect sensitive cardholder data from the risk of compromise.

POS System Wireless Infrastructure

Wireless Infrastructure

Do you know who supports your Wireless Infrastructure? NCR Telecom & Technology (T&T) provides the multi-vendor, white-label solutions for 8 of the top 10 global telecommunications companies and network technology OEMs. And a typical implementation can span 70 countries with the largest taking place in over 150 countries.

POS Hardware

Poynt Smart Terminal

2 screens. All business. The world’s first smart terminal has created a standard for an impeccable payment experience for merchants and customers.

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Fast, secure, and efficient pay-at-the-table experience. The only secure, purpose-built payment solution that delivers up to 5% revenue lift.

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NCR P1532 POS System


NCR P1532 POS terminal helps you serve customers quickly and efficiently, every day of the year. Built to endure the harsh restaurant environment, NCR P1532 will never let you down. The terminal’s value and consistent performance makes it the ideal terminal for multi-year roll-outs.

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NCR 1535 POS System

NCR 1535 POS

NCR 1535 POS terminal is the latest generation of open hospitality platforms from NCR is faster, more energy efficient, and provides more connectivity, so all of your front and back of house operations are integrated. When you have insight into all of your operations, you can make better business decisions and help your staff deliver an exceptional experience for your customers.

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NCR Aloha Real POS XR-7

NCR Aloha Real POS XR-7

NCR Aloha Real POS XR-7 is available with a 15-inch format, and as an added bonus, provides multi-touch and gesture support to make it easy for users to interact in a way that is most familiar to them in their daily lives. You can also customize the solution with integrated options including an encrypted magnetic stripe reader (MSR), fingerprint reader, camera, wireless module and a family of customer facing displays.

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Aloha Kitchen Video Display POS System

Aloha Kitchen Video Displays

Aloha Kitchen Video displays support recipes, images, and videos for each item, enabling your kitchen to prepare and deliver dishes correctly. The tool can also remotely configure multiple locations at one time, streamlining multi-site operations.

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